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Everything You Need to Know About Topsoil

At Green Circle Concrete, we are passionate about topsoil and want to ensure all our customers have an understanding of what it can be used for, as well as the core benefits to using topsoil altogether.

Are Topsoil & Compost the Same?

Both topsoil and compost go through a very similar process, although they are generally each used for different purposes. Topsoil make up enhances the structure and texture of soil which allows us to retain all the essential nutrients and also drain excess water successfully. As topsoil is mostly mineral-based, it retains all of the goodness that helps plants grow.

How Is Topsoil Made?

Topsoil is an amalgamation of so many different things such as sand, clay, plants and insects. It is estimated that it takes around 100 years for the process of topsoil to happen.

Why Do I Need Topsoil?

If the soil you currently have is poor quality or damaged in any way, you will want to replace it with good quality soil that is perfect for your requirements. You may also need topsoil if the space doesn’t have any natural soil and is to be gardened, like a patio for example. 

What Can Topsoil Be Used For?

Topsoil is used throughout gardening and landscaping, mainly for improving the quality of the soil. It can be used to level out uneven surfaces by padding out the area with better soil. It is used in gardening mostly due to the fact it can provide plants, shrubs, and anything else being grown with minerals and nutrients. This promotes growth and gives them the best chance of growing healthily and flourishing.

You can also find topsoil being used for drainage and repairing lawns that are not in a good condition. 

How Much Topsoil Do I Need?

The amount of topsoil you need will entirely depend on what your requirements are, like any job where you require materials and resources. Our friendly team will be able to talk you through your options, understand your requirements and then make an informed decision on how much topsoil you need based on this information. 

Where Can I Buy Topsoil?

You can purchase topsoil directly from Green Circle. With depots based in Bridgend, Barry and Cardiff we can attend to all your topsoil needs in South Wales. We can also provide support for delivery should you require this, so please don’t hesitate to get in contact and speak to a member of our team for advice.

Please speak to us about your concrete or aggregate needs, whether for Domestic or Commercial, we welcome your call!

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