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Grow Your Perfect Personal Garden Space This Summer


Your garden space is the perfect place to relax and rewind, or recline and have a drink – especially in the Summer months. Although many want to personalise and enjoy their garden; you may find that you think that you don’t have the time, expertise or horticultural skills to create your own garden. However, there are many tips as well as entry level plants that you can plant that do not require the expertise of a master gardener.


This article will take a look at the ways in which you can get out into your garden, grow your own garden space as well as develop your green fingers. We will take a look at using topsoil to promote the healthy growth of plants and other areas of your garden as well as entry level plants that you can use to develop your garden space. If you’re looking for inspiration in growing your own personal garden space, get in touch with our expert team today.


Laying the Foundations of Your Green Paradise


As the saying goes, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ so you will need to carefully plan your newly established garden utopia before you can get your hands dirty. A quick assessment of the turf of your garden will let you quickly work out what initial work you will need to carry out. Especially if you own a new-build property or a property where extensive ground works were carried out whilst at the construction stage – you may find that the soil of your garden is low quality or has become damaged over time. You may not have the ideal type or amount of grass either, which can lead to problems should you not choose to enrich the soil before planting begins.


Hooray for Topsoil!


Luckily, high quality topsoil is available which allows you to essentially ‘cheat’ the natural process of soil enrichment. Topsoil in essence is the upper most layer of the earth naturally and therefore holds a bounty of rich nutrients typically consisting of sand, silt and clay. When buying topsoil for your garden, the nutrient values of the topsoil is manipulated to promote the healthy growth of plants. This is because of the fact that topsoil with too much of one component can promote negative qualities in your soil. If you have ever seen clay when wet for example, you will know that clay soils drain water poorly when wet. The right balance is the perfect way to grow your lawn or to grow plants that you plant within your lawn area. Once choosing the topsoil that you need, laying is simple. Simply spread the topsoil at at least two inches, stomp your feet or use a solid object and then rake the soil to ensure an even distribution.


Now That Your Soil is Ready – What’s Next?


Garden in SummerNow that you have prepared your soil area with some high-quality topsoil, you can choose to add compost to plant areas once your plants have been planted in the desired area. You can also lay turf or grass seeds which will then allow you to grow grass in areas where it would have previously been impossible. If you do not want to grow natural grass then you also have the option to lay artificial grass or turf. Some prefer this to natural grass as it requires less maintenance but others dislike artificial grass as it looks well, artificial – so it’s completely down to personal preference. 


Bulking Out Your Garden Area


Once you have established these areas of your garden, the next steps are thinking about what plants you want to choose for your garden. Believe it or not, you don’t need to be a professional gardener to create a perfect garden space – there are many plants that are easy to plant, look fantastic and are relatively low maintenance. You can also opt for a professional landscaper to help you with your garden project if you really want to carry out an ambitious design.


There’s a variety of flowers that are easy to grow in your garden – look out for classic contenders such as Marigolds and Sunflowers. Trees can be difficult to grow so be wary about growing one of the more difficult ones but trees such as apple trees and Red Buckeyes are wonderful for your garden and are simple to grow compared to some of the other trees available.


For my own project at home, I personally opted for a range of roses and pseudo cherry blossom trees. These flower into fantastic colours for the summer and once they took root, have been relatively low maintenance requiring some pruning and daily watering to keep them healthy and growing.


Applying the Finishing Touches


Although there are definitely some gardens that are extravagant in their use of neoclassical sculptures and elaborate structures – you can apply a couple of finishing touches to your garden space to add that personal touch. Decorative stone can be used to match the style of your property, with this product being perfectly suited to add a sense of style to the areas of your garden. Although you may not fancy installing a gazebo or other fancy centre-piece, considering the use of a centre piece is a clever way to add a sense of purpose to your garden. Even adding hanging baskets of flowers or fruit trees to your garden is a simple way to add that sense of style and purpose – whilst being easy to maintain and allowing you to enjoy (quite literally) the fruits of your labours.


Plan Your Amazing Garden Project Today!


Garden tools

Now that the summer is finally upon us, there’s no time like the present to start your journey in creating your dream garden area. With the range of garden products that are available (as well as the range of plants and aggregates as well as topsoil) you can plan, design and create your dream garden. Whether you are carrying out your own project or are working with a company to create your garden space, it’s easy for you to create a garden which you can enjoy during the summer and more importantly – enjoy in either rain or shine.

Have you created a brand new garden space which you are proud of? Are you looking to create your dream garden space and looking for inspiration. Let us know today! We also offer a wide range of garden products that are ideally suited for your gardening project. Get in contact today using an online contact form on our website or telephone a member of our team now on: 01446 501559

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