Our Top 10 Garden Maintenance Tips | Lockdown Gardening

Our Top 10 Garden Maintenance Tips

With lockdown continuing, there has been a surge of gardening. More and more people are choosing to use their spare time to get started in the garden, whether that be planting flowers or giving their garden the overdue clear out it desperately needs.

Whether you are an expert or completely new to gardening, we really wanted to share our own gardening maintenance tips with you. Here at Green Circle Concrete, we are passionate about providing customers with aggregates and topsoil – both commonly used in and around the garden. Check out our top 10 maintenance tips below!

Keep Your Plants Hydrated

Watering Flowers

It is essential that you water all of your plants regularly. Make sure your plants and any vegetation that is growing are watered every few days and if needed, top up with soil. There is nothing worse than a dehydrated garden and you don’t want your planting efforts to go to waste.  If you want the watering taken care of for you, consider investing in a sprinkler system that can be set on a timer.

Remove Weeds ASAP

Weeds steal nutrients from the soil that your plants need in order to grow and prosper – they also make your garden look messy and are generally not received very well in the gardening community. Using a combination of weed killer and pulling them out yourself, you can achieve a clean and weed-free garden.

Planting FlowersPlant More Flowers

Is your garden looking bare? Why not consider planting some more flowers? Now is the perfect time to get planting and there are so many different types of flowers you can plant. You can choose to grow from scratch with seeds or many garden centres offer them already-grown, so you will just need to plant them in the soil. Flowers can really brighten up a garden!

Cut the Grass

If your grass is looking longer than it should, it’s probably time to cut it! A garden can start to look really messy once the grass is too long, so it’s definitely worth considering. A simple lawnmower should do the trick and you will probably need to maintain this every week (or two weeks if it hasn’t grown as quickly) to ensure your lawn is looking great.

Trim the HedgesHedge Trimming

A lot of people won’t have any hedges but for those that do, get them trimmed! Similar to keeping your lawn tidy, keeping the hedges in order is also recommended. You will need some specialist equipment to get this done, such as a hedge trimmer and pruning tools. These can be bought online or your local garden centre should have a selection.

Clear Any Debris

Your garden should be looking a lot tidier now! But if you still have any debris, old decking or anything else that isn’t needed, consider getting rid. You may want to consider purchasing a skip and having a full-blown clear out of both your garden and home. Once the entire area is clear you will have a lot more room to work with.

Garden FurnitureKeep Your Furniture Looking Fresh

Particularly relevant for decking or other wooden furniture, maintenance is key. Get your decking sealed and cleaned regularly to help protect it from rotting and distortion. If your garden furniture is looking worse for wear, it may be time to invest in some brand new furniture. From benches to hammocks, there is a lot available on the market and something suitable for every garden!

Build a Shed 

Now, this might be more relevant to the DIYers but even for those who aren’t so into DIY, it could be the perfect time to get started on a project like this. We found a fantastic blog online which shows you how to build your own shed, which is definitely worth a read.


Be Creative

We would always encourage creativity when it comes to your garden. No matter how crazy the idea sounds, use this time as an opportunity to create anything you want. You can find a lot of ideas on the web…

And Enjoy It!

The most important point of all – enjoying your gardening! Get your household involved and add fun to the process, wherever you can. We hope you have enjoyed our tips – please do not hesitate to share your recent garden ventures with us!

Please speak to us about your concrete or aggregate needs, whether for Domestic or Commercial, we welcome your call!

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