Topsoil in the Summer for Domestic Projects | Utilising Topsoil

Most people look forward to the summer, but with summer comes the need to engage in some domestic projects.


Yes! Gardening and landscaping projects. Because for gardens and lawns the heat can be stressful. And one of the brunts the hot weather brings is- deterioration of your topsoil. Your topsoil could dry out and get starved of nutrients.


This impacts the growth of your plants because nutrients are lacking in the soil.


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What Is Topsoil?

Topsoil is the layer of soil in your garden, lawn, field, or yard usually 2-8 inches down where the “major growth magic” happens.


Nutrients, and organic matter are delivered to the plants via the topsoil – water is absorbed, other organisms interact with the plants, and sunlight for photosynthesis hits the plants all at the topsoil level.


Summer is one of the perfect times to enjoy your yard, garden or lawn, but work has to be done to keep the topsoil-a major growth ingredient in good shape.


What Domestic Projects Can You Use Topsoil For?


Topsoils are commonly used for garden, lawn, yard, field, or landscaping projects. For instance, you can put topsoil in damaged areas, so a new base is set for plant regrowth.


You can even use topsoil to level out uneven areas of your lawn or garden so you can plant on these former low areas.


And if your garden is paved, topsoil can be used to create new beds for growing plants.


How Does Adding Topsoil Benefit Your Garden Or Landscaping Project?


Some gardens, yards, fields, or lawns are naturally blessed with rich topsoil. These homeowners are the envy of the neighbourhood because whatever seed they plant yields healthy plants.


But some gardens, yards, fields, or lawns have deficient topsoil. And even those with rich topsoil get depleted overtime due to activities like erosion, foot traffic, or movement during a construction project. 


These fields can be put in good shape by adding top soil, also known as top dressing. The topsoil replenishes nutrients,  dilutes thatched layers, improves drainage conditions and texture which leads to optimal growth of plants.


When Should You Add Topsoil?

Topsoil is best added when your lawn is out of dormancy-that is actively growing. This ensures plants can optimally take up the new nutrient delivered and push through the topsoil.


So, late spring or early summer are the most active growing season of plants when you’re most likely mowing weekly.


But if you’re adding topsoil in the middle or late summer, it’s important to keep the topsoil moist. Because the topsoil can get heated up to the extent it damages your lawn.


How To Apply Topsoil?


The topsoil is usually a mix of materials like sand, peat, and loam, which should match the composition of the soil in your garden. Because they’ll eventually blend with the soil at the root zone.


And the good part is you don’t have to go searching for topsoil. Companies like Green Circle can provide all the topsoil you need. Depending on the scope of your project, you can have topsoil delivered in bags or in bulk tippers or grab vehicles.


When you receive your topsoil, you’re set to apply to top dress your turf, grass, flowers, or vegetables.


But before then, it’s best to have recently mowed the grass lightly( like ⅓ of the leaf) so it’s easy for the topsoil to penetrate through to the existing soil. 


Afterwards, you can dump some volume of the topsoil a few feet apart all over the garden. Then you can use both sides of a garden rake to distribute it evenly. Work the topsoil into the aeration hole with the spiked side, and spread it out with the flat side.


Ensure the topsoil is only a few millimetres deep so the leaves aren’t covered up.


You can then apply fertiliser, and water, and plant new seeds in desert areas. Leave the topsoil to settle for a few days, and if there are bumps-use the rake to smoothen it out.\


If you’re looking to give your garden, lawn, field, or yard a new breath of life, don’t forget to get the gardener’s friend (topsoil) from Green Circle.

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