Tips For Preparing Your Garden for Spring in 2020

The New Year is now upon us, meaning we are not that far from spring. As the colder weather subsides and the sunshine comes out you want to ensure your garden is prepared for the warmer weather. We are here to provide you with our best tips for a great garden in 2020! The more preparation you do now, the better maintained and lovely your garden will be in spring.

Have a Clear Out

A lot can happy over the winter and the same applies to your garden. Whether you need to remove weeds, dead plants or any debris that has made its way onto your lawn, pre-spring is the perfect time to sort everything out. You will also want to kill any weeds that are still alive to prevent any issues when you decide to plant more. This is essential in the upkeep of any new plants you decide to put in your garden.

preparing garden 2020

If you have a garden shed a clear out there also never goes a miss. After many years our sheds can become full of old tools, items we never use anymore and general rubbish that would be better elsewhere. Perhaps get a friend to help you out for a day or a family member. Clear outs don’t have to be boring – why not incorporate a lunch during the day or invite people round once you’ve tidied up?

Preparing the Soil

Once the frosty days are over and the days move closer to March, it is highly recommended that you prepare and arrange the soil in your garden. You want the soil to be loose and easy to work with so grab some tools and get going. Mixing the soil with compost is also a good option to consider and will provide much better growth for plants.

When spring arrives consider buying a bag of topsoil for your garden. Topsoil provides hugely beneficial nutrients to a lawn. If your soil is in a poor condition or you wish to lay new turf in the near future, topsoil is the perfect solution.

Purchase New Tools

When tools start to get old and rust, they become much more ineffective. Treat yourself to some new, shiny tools that will help you revamp your garden this spring! Keep your new tools in top condition by washing and sharpening them where necessary, and they will last you for years. The most common gardening tools include rakes, spades, gloves, and trowels – none of these ever go a miss, even for beginner gardeners.

Maintenance is Key

maintenance garden 2020

The essential component of any garden is to keep it well maintained. Don’t spend hours working on your garden and making it perfect, only for it to be spoiled later down the line because you couldn’t be bothered to look after it for the remainder of the year. Garden’s need to be maintained all year round and not just within the warmer months, in fact, it is more important to look after it in the winter due to the threat cold weather poses to your plants and soil.

Set Up Outdoor Furniture

Your lawn and plants aren’t the only components that make up a great garden. Furniture is also key if you want to create a garden with character and one that offers comfort. All garden furniture needs to be looked after whether it is made from wood, plastic or any other material. Popular furniture choices for gardens include wooden benches, swing seats, and parasols. Be creative with your choices and create something that represents your home.

Happy gardening from everyone here at Green Circle Concrete!

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