Ready Mix Concrete - Your Complete Guide | Commercial & Domestic

Concrete is a vital material for a wide number of commercial and domestic projects. If you are looking for a material that is highly durable, has wide use of applications and offers elemental resistance and strong foundations then ready mix concrete is suitable for you. 


We supply to a wide range of customers ranging from large construction companies to smaller businesses in the commercial market as well as many different domestic projects including concrete shed bases & foundations to concrete driveways. As we are one of the leading suppliers of ready-mix concrete in Cardiff and the sounding areas, you can be sure that we have the perfect concrete mix available to suit your requirements. 


If you are interested in our ready mix concrete services or any other services that we provide then please get in touch with our team, using an online contact form on our website or by calling Green Circle Concrete directly now!


Domestic Projects – Identifying Your Requirements


For smaller, domestic projects – you may think that it’s not appropriate to use a concrete delivery company. You may think that our services are best suited for large commercial projects that you see whilst on the road such as construction projects for new build houses as well as large-scale projects on the motorway. This is not the case as our ready-mix concrete delivery service is suited for all clients from the domestic and commercial sectors. We use a volumetric ready-mix concrete delivery service which ensures that you only pay for what you need. This means that regardless of your project, we are able to help you.


We offer ready-mix concrete for projects such as concrete driveways, concrete shed bases, concrete foundations and any other project in which you may need concrete. If you are new to concrete or are unsure about the concrete that you need – we have a concrete calculator on our website that is free to use and will provide you with the measurements that you need! If you have any further questions, please get in touch with our team!


Commercial Projects – Getting the High-Quality You Need to Project Specification & Times


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As a commercial project manager – you will understand the specific requirements for your project. As there are a large number of commercial projects that will require concrete at some point in the project process – it’s highly important that you have access to high-quality concrete when you need it. We highly recommend considering our expert concrete delivery service for your commercial projects for the following key reasons:


  • We will ensure that we work to your project specifications in terms of the ready mixed concrete that you need as well as when you need it. We understand that your project is likely working to strict timescales so we will work with you and your specific delivery requirements. 
  • Our volumetric concrete delivery service is also available for commercial clients which ensures that you only pay for the concrete that you use. If you find that you require additional concrete should the need for additional concrete arise – we can organise this for you on-site. 
  • We have also supported many clients in a wide range of specialist commercial projects. We are able to support you with highway and utility contracts as well as other specialist projects.


‘The demands of Commercial projects require strict timescales and cost-effective solutions.  Green Circle’s Ready-Mix concrete using Volumetric trucks saves you both valuable time and money.  It is quick to mix, so we prepare the amount you need on-site.  You pay only for the amount dispensed.  There is no waste to pay for or dispose of.’

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Additional Information Regarding Our Concrete Services


It is highly important on the day of your scheduled delivery to ensure wherever possible that access is granted for our delivery vehicles. We always endeavour to comply with all HSE regulations and please inform our team of any site conditions that may affect our delivery and ability to deliver. Please ensure that you work with our driver to provide a safe working environment for all involved in the project and the general public where relevant. Please ensure that measures have been put into place to protect surrounding areas from splashing and that sufficient ground protection is in place. If you are unsure about any of the above then please get in touch.


If you have any questions about the concrete services that we have available then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are more than happy to discuss all of your requirements and discuss the concrete that you need and the delivery service that suits you.


If you are interested in our ready mix concrete services or any other services that we provide then please get in touch with our team, using an online contact form on our website or by calling our team directly now!

Please speak to us about your concrete or aggregate needs, whether for Domestic or Commercial, we welcome your call!

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