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Concrete is an essential building material in any project, and because of its integral nature in buildings, it’s important that you have a concrete supplier that you can trust and rely upon to deliver. So where is concrete required, and what are the signs should you look out for when choosing a concrete supplier?

Do I Need Concrete?

Concrete is the most common man-made material in the world, and it’s used in a lot of different building projects, so the likelihood is high that you’ll require concrete if you’re managing a construction project.


Foundations might be the first thing you think of when it comes to concrete, and it’s used in both high-rise and low-rise buildings alongside reinforcement. And as well as the foundations, it’s also used for the buildings themselves as a construction material. Normally by the end of construction you won’t even notice it’s there, but it can be best seen in brutalist architecture. 


And it’s not just houses and office blocks concrete is used either, other buildings like car parks and sports stadiums use it too. Concrete is also the material of choice for large structures like dams.


Because of its strength, durability and its resistance to fire and weather, concrete is also used when building bridges. Pavements, roads and motorways are also constructed by using concrete.

Choosing a Reliable Concrete Provider

To keep your project running smoothly, having a reliable concrete provider makes all the difference. Speed and efficiency is important, and so is quality too, so there are few things you should consider when looking for concrete on your construction project:

Volumetric Mixers over Barrow Mixers

Whilst barrow mixers have been a common sight on building sites for years, they’re a bit old-fashioned. Instead, volumetric mixers bring many extra benefits. Also known as a mobile concrete batching plant, the concrete is mixed on the job site for you, which means you’ll only pay for what you use. Volumetric mixers can also store up to 7.5m³, which is almost double that of a traditional barrow mixer.

Ready-Mix Concrete to Speed Up Your Building Process

Who really wants to spend time on site mixing concrete? Not only is it time-consuming, but you also have to be sure that you’re creating the right consistency too. By using a ready mix concrete supplier, it means once your delivery arrives on site it’s good to go and it’s ready to be pumped wherever it’s needed. It will also have a good, reliable consistency meaning there’ll be no drop-off in building quality.

A Selection of Concretes to Choose From

Depending on your job, you might require a different or specialist concrete, and the best suppliers will provide that for you. At Green Circle, we offer a range of concretes, including general all-purpose concrete, foam concrete, fibre-reinforced concrete and admixtures. So whatever you require, you can find it all under the roof of one single supplier.

A Location Near You

To make your build as efficient in time and cost as possible, it’s always recommended that you find a concrete supplier that is local to you. It means there’s less waiting time for delivery, and it also means it’s possible for you to visit them and collect concrete yourself.


If you’re looking for ready-mix concrete in Cardiff and across South Wales then Green Circle have multiple locations across the region. There are two locations in Cardiff, one in Barry and another in Bridgend. We also commonly visit locations like Caerphilly, Port Talbot, Porthcawl and Llantrisant, meaning we cover a lot of ground in South Wales. Get in touch with the team at Green Circle Concrete now!

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